Scary Times!


Fall has arrived with cool temperatures, rainy weather and Halloween is just around the corner.  Ghosts, goblins and skeletons!  For some strange reason the mention of our bone based brethren reminds me of the Spine (unsure as to why).  Not that I need reminding!  Just a mere 12 weeks out until departure.  That, is scary!

Training is going well, logistics are being put in place and other preparations are underway.  I am beginning to flash back to my 2017 participation and all the negative things it entailed.  The weather, conditions underfoot, serious sleep deprivation, injury, navigation errors, my withdrawal and of course the dark.

Of all the events I have participated in, The Spine has been the only one that has had such a bad mental impact on me.  I believe that how I manage these past feelings will determine my future success or failure.  Just as in Dia de (los) Muertos, I will go into this as more of a celebration as opposed to a terrifying experience.

Time to start embracing all this suck and getting into the right frame of mind for this suffer fest!  Party time!

What is there to be afraid of!

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