Equipment Lists

The following are examples of equipment list for a variety of stage racing environments.  Of course, your listings will depend upon a variety of parameters and preferences.  What you should be aware of is that there is a set of core equipment needs that are always necessary.  Individual race requirements will dictate items such as clothing and other mandatory gear (transponders, safety/survival gear, water carrying capacity, etc.).  Weights for many items are size dependent (clothes, sleeping bags, and so forth) and clothing that is normally worn during the day’s activities are not included in the totals.


Desert:  Conditions in this environment are highly arid and hot (above 100 deg F / 38 deg C during the day) but very cool at night (40 deg F / 5 deg C).  Altitude is usually under 3,500 ft (1,000 m).  Wind can be an issue during certain seasons.

Desert Stage Racing Equipment List

High Desert/Alpine: This is a mixed zone.  Typically above 3,500 ft (1,000 m), this environment can be dry or wet depending upon the season with some rain showers being very violent.  Weather can also be hot (up to 100 deg F / 38 deg C) during the day but cold at night (below 32 deg F / O deg C).

High Desert-Alpine Stage Racing Equipment List

Alpine:  The mountains you know.  Usually above 5,000 ft (1,800 m), this is a cool to cold environment depending upon the time of year.  Rain and snow and sun can all come in the same day.  Temperatures may be warm (up to the mid 80’s deg F / 30 deg c) during the day but well below freezing at night.  Equipment for this environment would be similar to the High Desert-Alpine list above or the Sub-Arctic list below.  Waterproofs are highly recommended here.

Sub-Arctic: Higher latitudes in the northern hemisphere just below the Arctic Circle (66° 33′ N).  With long summer days as well as long winter nights this region for the most part has relatively low precipitation but rain and snow do occur.  Winter low temperatures can be -40 deg F/C and summer highs up to 85 deg F (30 deg C).  Racing in this environment is usually in the summer/late summer months so extreme cold weather gear is not necessary however it can be colder than you expect especially at altitude.

 Sub Arctic Stage Racing Equipment List

Arctic:  The cold places on earth.  Races do occur here and usually during the winter months so extreme is the word.  Kit lists for these races are extensive and include an abundance of survival gear.  Along with the cold it is very common to have high winds and blowing snow.  Winter time also means limited to no sun light so headlamps are ever so more critical.


Jungle: The hot, wet, sticky places.. more to come.