Traveling to your event can be quite stressful.  Here are some details that need to be addressed.  Most are precautionary in nature.

1. Pre-event travel details: Be sure all your travel arrangements prior to the race are well coordinated. Allow yourself ample travel and acclimatization time. This will let you arrive relaxed and not in a panic. Avoid close airline connections if at all possible especially on the front end. Before departure look at alternate carries and schedules in case of canceled flights. Carry on all race gear and food that you can because lost baggage does occur.

2. Travel Documents: Make copies of your Passport ID page, airline tickets, visas, drivers license, credit cards, etc. in case they are lost.  This will expedite their replacement.  Keep these copies in a safe location.

3. Credit Cards: All international travelers are quite aware that you should notify your credit card bank(s) of your impending travel to assure uninterrupted use.  You should also carry one with you during the race just in case.

4. Mobile Phone: Be sure your mobile works where you are going and that you have an appropriate calling plan.

5. Other Luggage: While you are racing, the race organizers usually provide storage for your additional luggage.  This is ready for you to pick up after the race either at your hotel or at a central pick-up location.  Be sure that you have minimized this amount to the best of your ability, have a good lock and do not bring along anything that you would feel bad if it went missing.