Who am I?


My name is Garth Reader and I am a 60 something year old retired professional from Los Alamos, NM. My athletic endeavors first began at the young age of eight when I took up competitive swimming. After high school I transition to triathlons and bicycle racing which kept me busy and fairly out of trouble for a decade or so. Eventually the time requirements of raising my three girls with wife Lisa, slowed down my athletic pursuits. However, I continued to keep in the game by focusing on running. This eventually led to numerous marathons, ultra-marathons and stage races. It was in stage racing that I found my sport. The combination of endurance events, self-sufficiency and the outdoors appeals to me greatly. I have enjoyed every stage race that I have participated in. They are such an adventure!

While still an esoteric sport here in the US, I have been fortunate to participate in many stage races. My first was in 2012 and hopefully I will have the means to do them well into the future. I also have experience in orienteering, long range shooting, archery, fencing and biathlons.

Though usually not with the front runners, I typically finish in the upper 20% of my age group. Given my age, commitments and the like I am quite content with my performance. For me it is more about participating and enjoying the event and people.

I have been working on assembling the information contained in this site for multiple years. Much of what I have learned has been through extensive research. Some has been obtained through very hard lessons. Hopefully this knowledge will benefit you in your pursuit of this amazing sport.