Badwater Salton Sea

While not a stage race or a multi-day, the Badwater Salton Sea is next on the docket.   I am including it here since this is a team event and the follow-on race for Team Huey, Dewey and Louie after our grand Argentine adventure.  The start is along the shores of the Salton Sea in California (125 feet below sea level), across Anza-Borrego Desert State Park and finishes at the top of Palomar Mountain (5,500 feet above sea level).  Total elevation gain is 9,000 ft.  At 81 miles Badwater Salton Sea is somewhat long and can be hot, dry, windy, cold, rainy, etc.  While this may sounds not so fun, it will be a treat since we have a pro-crew consisting of our lovely spouses (Lisa, Venessa and Alison) along with James and Juanita Garner supporting us along the way.  Best of all we have no packs to wear!  We are going to go so fast….

Team HDL learned a lot about team racing while competing at Racing the Planet Roving Race Patagonia and we are ready to put this experience to work.  It is quite a challenge to run together (within 25 meters the whole way) for such long distances and get everyone across the finish line in the fastest time possible. All the miles we put in as one south of the equator will be to our advantage.

You can also find additional information about Badwater Salton Sea at their Facebook site.

Live tracking will be provided so look for details shortly.

Wish us luck!

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