Southern Crossings

Well, it appears that most of my stage racing will be in the southern hemisphere for a while.  After the Spine Race which is fast approaching I will be focusing on rest, recovery and some more local ultras until next fall.  During that time there will be helping out at the new M2M Ultra (Mauna to Mauna) in Hawaii.  While still 20 degrees above the equator it is below the Tropic of Cancer.  This is going to be a stellar event in one of the most beautiful places on earth.  Looking forward to being part of this soon to be world renowned event.

Then in November I am slated for the 4 Deserts Roving Race in Patagonia which I will be running with Ken Letterly and Brandon Petelin as team Huey, Dewey and Louie.  This will be our first official team run but we have trod many other events together or in pairs.  It will be a great experience hacia el sur!

Shortly thereafter (February 2018) it will be off to New Zealand and the Alps2Ocean Ultra on the south island.  This is the inaugural running of this event and many stage racing family members will be there.  As more details become available I’ll push them out.

So, if all goes well I will have had the opportunity to stage race from 65 degrees North latitude (Iceland) to 41 degrees South latitude (New Zealand).  I am looking forward to the experience of seeing parts of the southern half of our globe and spending time with fellow stage racers in some of the most iconic places on this planet!

Dang this is fun!

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